Tailored to your needs

Don't waste your time on daily mundane tasks, editing spreadsheets, moving data back and forth when your software can do it for you. This is what computers were invented for after all. A custom built solution will give you and your company a tool that fits the business model and will eliminate most of typical human errors in the process. Most importantly, as your business evolves, your application will evolve with it, delivering solution you can rely on.

Web Based

The key benefit of a web based application is the simplicity in setting up and managing such solution. Don't worry about stacks of hardware and software anymore. Modern web browser and you are ready to go. And if you have to access certain information on your mobile device while walking down the warehouse, it's already there, waiting for you.

Charts & Dashboards

Certain information becomes more apparent when presented in a graphical form. Treat spreadsheets as your data storage, not presentation layer! If you need to study trends, breakdowns, performance, why not do it on custom built dashboard so you have all you need in one, easily accessible place. We can highlight certain elements for you so it's easy to spot them and react accordingly. And they look cool on mobile devices!